Thursday, June 11, 2009

Redemption, The Story

I often take long walks, so long in fact that I sometimes wander for days... it was thus that I came upon a building unknown and yet familiar somehow, peeking through the mist. As I stood bemused, the door opened and a woman stepped out to greet me.
'Welcome home, Lord Bain,' she said.
I froze for a moment, then told her that surely she had confused me with another.
'You are Wolves Bain, are you not?' she retorted.
At that moment, I no longer was certain even of that. As for home?
'My home is far from here,' I told her.
'You were born here,' she told me firmly, 'and you must stake your claim here that all may be laid to rest finally. We long have awaited your return.'
I told her she had to be mistaken, that our family was poor. I had been born in a shack and we had survived only on the scraps my mother stole from the kitchen in which she worked.
'Yes,' she replied. 'That kitchen is here, and this is your father's home.'
I stared at her, then declared, 'No! My father is not a lord. I know my father. He taught me many things. He is the reason I am who I am today!'
'The man you call father taught you well,' she agreed quietly. 'He taught you to fight and never to fear and he taught you good manners as well. He taught you that you were different from those who surrounded you, that you were meant for something better, did he not?'
I nodded.
'That man was a good man,' she continued, 'and he was a servant of your father who was Lord of this Manor. It was his task to guide you and to prepare you for this very moment.'
'What of my mother?' I cried. 'Why did he leave her to live in poverty if he indeed were master of a place like this?'
She replied, 'That woman was not your mother. She too was a servant here.'
'Enough!' I cried, reaching for my dagger, determined to put an end to her lies then and there... but then I remembered my childhood and my mother's insistence that one day she would tell me something that would change my life.
'What must I do now?' I asked the woman standing before me.
She told me all I had to do was to say: 'I claim this Castle as my own!'
I spoke the words and as I did, she faded away into the mist, along with all the contents of this home as well as the answers to many questions, one of them being: Who was my real mother?
Perhaps I never shall know...

72 prims 30x30 footprint

Story and Castle by Wolves Bain

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