Thursday, June 11, 2009

Freyashawk's Promise

This came about as a promise to a young boy... to deliver his people from oppression by taking the sacred relics of his ancestor to the top of the highest mountain. In an ancient legend, it was foretold that, should the bones of the Warrior Child be given a resting place on the peak of Mt. Petra, the earth itself would rise to throw off the yoke of those who had invaded and occupied the homeland.

I am a Valkyrie, and my duty is to the All-Father, to bring the souls of heroes to Valhalla that they might fight for the forces of good in the Last Battle. My duty is not to humankind. I am a servant of the gods.

And yet, when a young lad lay dying in a faraway land, his tears of despair pierced my heart. No trained warrior he, but the blood of ancient heroes ran in his veins and he had sacrificed his life to find the bones of his Hero ancestor that he might bring an old legend to life.

I flew to his side, though his soul was not destined for Odhinn. His purity and his determination drew me inexorably to him. His tears were not for himself. He had no fear of death, except that it would kill the quest to which he had given his own life. What possessed me then to take his task upon my own shoulders? His land is not my land. I cannot be tied to the causes of humans that shift from age to age.

Despite all this, I could not allow him to die in torment. I knew at once that only my promise to fulfil his quest would allow him to die in peace. The bones were wrapped in coarse homespun wool, the best this child had no doubt. As I accepted his burden, the boy surrendered at last to death.

I traveled throughout the world, searching for one who could bring life again to an ancient legend. Thus it was that I found the Wolves Bain, great among mortal builders, a fitting choice to build the shrine of the Warrior Child. The boy had told me the legend of his people, how the tomb had to be built of purest marble capped by a perfect dome.

When the shrine was completed, I saw it and knew my promise had been fulfilled. Nor is the shrine only a place where the bones of the Hero of old will bring forth hope for the oppressed. Beneath its foundations is a small chamber at the site of an ancient spring. There I myself laid the young boy to rest.
May his sacrifice not be in vain.

Note by Wolves Bain: This story was writen by our own group member Freyashawk Dagger. When I read it I knew I had to build it. I just hope I did the story justice.

Story by Freyashawk, Castle by Wolves Bain

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